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Dear Friends, Welcome! My name is MeeLi Lee. I am a mom, a sister, a writer, an artist, a teacher, a student of life, and alive in Christ, evolving and becoming. The purpose of my blog is to share with you the practices that have helped me to live a healthful, joyful, vibrant life. Nurturing Wisdom will focus on ways of nourishing the body through healthful meals made with organic, real foods using some old, new, and inspired recipes; nourishing and transforming the mind through renewing it with food for thought; and nourishing the spirit through prayer, meditation, and Scripture. It is when the body, mind, and spirit are in harmony that we are truly healthy, complete, and alive. We are at peace and are in relationship with God and with our neighbors. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit. Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts and come back soon. Peace and love, MeeLI MeeLi Lee©2009-2018 All rights reserved.

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