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fruit sweetened chocolate chip quinoa cake made with soaked quinoa

fruit sweetened chocolate chip quinoa cake made with soaked quinoa

Let Them Eat Cake! Yes, you read it right. Do you know anyone who by-passes breakfast even though it’s considered the most important meal of the day? Well, let them eat cake! This recipe made with soaked quinoa is high in protein, fiber, and nutrients to last through the morning.

While I was making a batch of Mama’s Magic Muffins this weekend I realized I only had 11 cupcake liners when my recipe yields 18 muffins due to the expansion quinoa goes through when it is soaked. I guess I could have ladled the muffin batter directly into the muffin tin without the twelfth liner, but at the last minute, before I panicked and ran out to buy more liners (besides, there was no use in panicking since it was 10:30 PM and all the stores were closed), I decided to pour the rest of the batter into my Pyrex loft dish to make a cake, the shape of a pound cake (only a bit lower).

Sometimes youngsters have a preference for a specific shape a food comes in. If the muffin shape doesn’t entice that finicky breakfast-eater, perhaps the cake shape will! Without the liners, you will get to eat every delicious morsel.  So, Let them eat cake!

Next time I make Mama’s Magic Muffins, I’m going to use a loft dish for a full size cake. You might want to experiment with different shape and size pans.

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